Do I need an adjustable bed?

Adjustable beds. We’ve all heard of them, although not everyone has seen them. When we hear the term adjustable bed or perhaps see an advert for them on the TV or on your facebook feed. The first thing many people think of is the elderly, or that it just isn’t something that is relevant to you or a product that you will ever need.

Komfi blog! We thought it was about time for a new blog post following out 2 year hiatus from providing handy and helpful updates via our blog section. Read on to learn more about this exciting brand.

Nowadays, modern homes seem to be built with smaller bedrooms, reducing storage space. Storage space is essential to give you more legroom and keep the room tidy. As a result, bed manufacturers now focus more attention on styles and designs to fit homeowners’ unique space needs.

As the clocks chimed twelve on New Years’ Eve, with 2020 ahead of us in all its shining glory, the last thing we expected was a global pandemic and several-month-long lockdown. But here we are.

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It’s a busy and uncertain time for everyone. Business has been effected but we are still able to deliver some much needed items. The complete range of Sleepsoul mattresses are available here!!

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