What ottoman bed should I buy?


Ottoman beds come in all shapes and sizes. Well, not really, they are all pretty much the same in the sense that they are a hollow bed that you store things in and the top lifts up to reveal this hidden space! We get lots of people visit us at our bed shop in Thetford, Norfolk looking for great deals on ottomans. All of our beds in store can come as an ottoman option. Quite frequently people come in looking to change their mattress or perhaps a new bed, then as soon as they see one of our ottomans on display with the top open, they realise they have been missing out.

It’s generally accepted that house sizes in the United Kingdom are on the smaller side. The mouse in a shoebox joke gets heard a lot. That’s not to say every bedroom everywhere is small, because we all know that is not true. That being said, an ottoman bed really is the best storage and space saving solution. There are different types of ottoman out there and all at different prices. Customers often do a quick search on auction sites or even the junk being sold on Facebook (who buys a bed on Facebook for cash on delivery anyway?!) and think great, I can get a king size ottoman bed for a few hundred pounds. Though there is some truth in this, everything comes down to quality. You wouldn’t buy a brand new Mercedes Benz for £5000 when the dealer is selling the same car around the corner for £30000 would you? So why are we so desperate to get a bargain in the bed and furniture world? There are no shortcuts in any product anywhere.

Our recommendation would be an upholstered ottoman storage divan bed. These are the same as your existing cheap divan bed with headboard but are made from a solid timber casket instead of a timber frame. This is because the sides of the ottoman divan need to be solid and sturdy as it’s going to be used for storage. If you tap the side of a traditional divan bed base the fabric is upholstered and stapled to a wooden frame. An ottoman will be solid when you tap it. The next thing to look for is the base. Most cheap ottomans beds you see have no base. That’s right. Inside the bed is the carpet or wooden floor you have in your bedroom. This is a cost and corner cutting exercise that will be reflected in the price. These ottomans are dust magnets and can ruin your flooring. An ottoman storage divan bed will have a sold timber base. This is to support the bed and for you to store your items on. It’s cleaner and more practical. Other snags to look for is the top of the ottoman. If you’re spending good money you need to look out for this as a divan bed has a platform top. This means the top is solid timber, not on wooden slats on a metal frame. A quality ottoman bed will always have a solid platform top. This is where your mattress goes and it’s well recognised that a solid platform top provides the most support to the mattress, allows it to last longer and is more comfortable in the long run. The great thing about a king size ottoman bed is the fact that it is made in the UK, is fully assembled and requires no self-assembly and is a far superior product.

As always, please get in touch to find out more!