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Firmer feel mattresses are ideal for those who prefer a more supportive, solid sleeping surface. These types of mattresses may often contain the word "Ortho" or "Orthopaedic" in the product name. This simply indicates a firmer feeling. A firmer feel mattress may be recommended for those with back problems and can be more suitable for those with a larger than average frame. They are also popular for those who sleep on their backs. However, it is important to remember that you should choose a mattress based on your own unique comfort, sleeping position and support needs – a firmer feel mattress may not necessarily be what's best for your back pain.

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SleepShaper Perfect Foam Mattress
Medium or FirmMemory FoamVacuum PackedHypoallergenicMade in the U.K.10 Year Warranty

SleepShaper Perfect Foam Mattress£129.00£219.00


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