New Cheap divan beds with mattress and headboard

You asked for it so we have done it. Our best ever deals on cheap divan beds with mattress and headboard! The great thing about treating yourself to a new bed or mattress (other than the fact that it’s great and changes your life) are the options available. Different styles of headboards, 2 drawers, 4 drawers – the options go on. While this is brilliant, because we believe that you should make the most out of your bed because unless you have a grand piano in the house – it is probably the biggest item of furniture you have. This means you should capitalise on the space it uses, and turn the ‘dead space’ in to well used storage space. We would also recommend buy the most amount of storage drawers as your budget can take, but this doesn’t mean sacrificing the quality of the mattress to do so. Generally speaking, 2 drawers are the most popular. Probably because they are the most financially viable or maybe because people think they will not need 4 drawers. Like we say in our bed showroom in Thetford, buying a new bed is a good time to ‘spring clean’ your bedroom and upstairs. Clearing out excess clutter not only makes us feel happier, it means you can free up much needed space for bedroom storage. Now, saying that, If you have an empty drawer under your bed I AM SURE you will be able to find something to hide in there? Be that seasonal clothing or bath towels. My mum used to keep tea towels in her bedroom drawers.

With all this said, people like to buy a new bed, mattress and headboard at the same time. This is because it is easier and you can get everything in a matching fabric colour. It’s also much better value to buy everything at the same time. Buying just a divan base, then replacing the headboard can mean paying an extra 40% in price.

We have grouped most popular products and made them into cheap divan beds at different price points and for different uses. Check out our new cheap divan beds with mattress and headboard deals below.

The 1000 pocket mattress has an added top layer of padded hypoallergenic fillings, giving the feeling and support of extra pressure relief. This is by far our most popular double divan bed with mattress and is a great bargain. It comes with the panelled double headboard shown, and the fabric displayed represents 90% of all sales. All sizes available.

We would always recommend the 1500 pocket spring mattress because it offers a bit more support and we would describe it as being a bit more meat to you. This bed was designed for the mass hotel market because of its comfort and durability. It’s also turnable (like all hotel beds) so you can make the most out of both sides. Finished in a genuine luxury 100% Egyptian cotton fabric – this mattress Is sure to impress you and give you the calming nights sleep you deserve.

All of these are on display in our bed shop in Thetford and available to buy online.