Do I need an adjustable bed?

Adjustable beds. We’ve all heard of them, although not everyone has seen them. When we hear the term adjustable bed or perhaps see an advert for them on the TV or on your facebook feed. The first thing many people think of is the elderly, or that it just isn’t something that is relevant to you or a product that you will ever need. An adjustable bed isn’t only a bed that is popular for the elderly or people recovering from surgery. In recent years, with the emergence of covid-19, we’re seeing an increase in diagnosis from what is being called ‘long covid’. Now, we are not here to discuss the medical diagnosis of this disease, or the long term implications. But what we do know is that it is a real thing and that lots of people are suffering from it. This has had implications in the labour market and workplace. According to the BBC, around 1.2 million people in the UK may have long covid, which means they have at least 1 ongoing symptom which has lasted longer than 12 weeks. The NHS alone estimates that between 5000-10000 NHS staff are off sick with long covid.

Some long term issues have been noted in mobility. According to research by the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging (CLSA). People aged over 50 have an increase risk of experience long term mobility issues even after suffering from what is classed as mild symptom of covid-19. The team at CLSA looked at various occurring issues such as people experiencing difficulty walking around the block, getting up and sitting down in chairs, housework and of course, getting in and out of bed. But it isn’t just the getting in and out that causes concern. It’s the ability for someone to actually get comfortable in bed, move around and do basic tasks such as reaching for a drink on a bed side table, getting to the electrical socket where your phone is charging or just sitting up reading whilst trying to fall asleep.

What does this mean for you? Well, it means that the probability of needing an adjustable bed may be greater than first thought. As explained, they are not just something for the elderly or chronically sick. Sporadic need for an adjustable bed could be necessary. Fortunately here at Best Beds Direct, we offer a select range of electric adjustable beds. All made to the highest standards right here in the UK. With their handy 5 part moving mechanism. Finding that sweet spot while trying to get comfortable in bed may be easier than you think. The Adjust-A-Bed Aspen is our entry level bed, which offers customers with mobility issues with a solid 800 pocket springs with a medium feel. Perfect for those who may not have used an adjustable bed before. All of our mattresses are specially designed for the adjustable range. This is because the mattress is required to move and bend in traditionally unorthodox positions. Something a regular mattress isn’t supposed to do.

Our quality and practical adjustable beds are all available with free delivery. What’s better is the team will even set the bed up for you which will alleviate any additional stress or provide a solution for those who simply cannot set the bed up themselves.