What is the best vacuum packed mattress?

There are several roll-up mattresses being sold across the UK. You’ve seen the TV adverts, seen articles in the paper or maybe the posters on the underground. Mattresses that we can compress, then roll, then either pack in a box or wrap in plastic are nothing new. Actually, they’ve been around for years. Originally these were different types of memory foam or high density foam. Today, they can have layers of latex, cool foam or gel, mixed with either full height or mini pocket springs. Some even have natural fillings such as silk, cashmere or wool. Like I said, this is nothing new. The new thing is that they’re being advertised on TV. You probably won’t know this, but most of the mattresses being advertised are not sold or made by bed or mattress companies. They’re being sold by marketing companies who are really great at producing expensive adverts and graphics. They are mostly a one size fits all mattress. One mattress that is great for everyone. We know from experience, and you’ll know too that this just isn’t the case. What’s good for you may not be good for me, or the person you’re sharing the bed with.

What’s good is that most offer a 100 night trial. But what happens to the mattress when you return it? Who pays for the delivery and collection? It isn’t the customer. It’s the company you brought it from. In fact, you are paying for it. These mattresses are not cheap, and the failure and return rate is all factored in to their business model. What this means is that a mattress you pay £800 or £900 for, will cost much less to make. Business is business, and there are around 110 mattress manufacturers all making beds as I type right here in the UK. These businesses have all had, cut up and dissected these beds in boxes to see what they’re dealing with. The truth is that they’re nothing special, the companies are just really good at selling them and producing commercials. Think about it. I saw recently that one is selling them with conical springs. That sounds new age or cutting edge. If you look it up, it’s just a spring which is wider at the bottom than at the top.

Many of the mattresses on TV are also not made in the UK. Some are from the US or Europe, or further. They are not British companies. This all costs. All but 6 of our mattresses are made in the UK, keeping business here in the communities and the economy. Kayflex are experts at making premium roll-up mattresses and have been in business for a long time. They are based in Yorkshire. They have a range of HD foam based products, with or without springs and lots of comfort layers and technology to choose from. SleepShaper, or the FoamCo based in Oxfordshire make some of the best foam mattresses in the UK. This is what they specialise in. Their naturals range is exceptionally popular at the moment. All of these mattresses are made in the UK, using mostly UK materials. Vogue Beds have just launched a new hybrid mattress called the Pocket 2000. It has a 40mm layer of Blu Cool Memory Foam™ and 30mm layer of Gel Feel® foam, with 2000 pocket springs. This is a top notch and comfy mattress. Again, made in Leicestershire. Who would have thought it?

The point of this post is not to bash the bed in box seen on TV. It’s simply to make everyone aware that there are high quality, often better mattresses, at a much lower price. At www.bestbedsdirect.co.uk, we have plenty of vacuum packed, rolled mattresses, all with free delivery. We are confident that these products do not disappoint. If you want to know more about anything we’ve talked about here, please get in touch!