What do the different mattress fillings mean?

What do the different mattress fillings mean?

In this day and age, there are so many mattress types available that bed-buying can be a minefield to navigate – especially if it’s been over a decade since you last went bed shopping!

So, we thought it may be helpful to talk through some of the mattress springs and fillings that you may come across on our website and help paint a picture of whether these are right for you.

We’ll start with pocket sprung mattresses.

Pocket sprung mattresses are comprised of vertical springs which are encased in their own fabric pocket – think of it as a sleeping bag for one. These give sleepers better, individual support on different parts of the body. The springs quite fantastically work uniquely and independent of one another.

Next up, we have pocket sprung mattresses with comfort layers.

These mattresses work in the same way as a pocket sprung mattress, but have comfort layers which act as a buffer between the mattress springs and the person laying on it. An example of a comfort layer could be a layer of foam. All our foams are high quality and designed not to retain body heat, which helps people feel fresher during the night.

What about coil sprung mattresses?

Coil sprung mattresses have a woven spring interior, giving the mattress strength and support. Although firm in their construction, the mattress may feel bouncier than other types.

What about gel infused foam mattresses?

Gel infused foam is infused with gel particles and is excellent at providing the sleeper with optimum pressure relief on joints and muscles. It does not retain heat, meaning the sleeper can rest soundly without being disturbed by overheating… any overheating wouldn’t be the fault of this mattress, anyway!

Next up, we have mattresses with natural fillings.

Natural fillings tend to include wool, cotton, silk and cashmere. They are found within mattresses which contain no foam or synthetic fibres. They are lovely to lay on, but are not necessarily hypoallergenic – so if the sleeper is prone to allergies, they may not be suitable for this type and instead we would suggest they try…

Mattresses with synthetic or luxury white fibres!

Synthetic fibres are found in any mattress which does not contain natural fillings or foam. Sometimes, they are described as luxury white fibres. Synthetic or luxury white fibres are great for mattresses as they are strong, provide excellent support, and are naturally hypo-allergenic.

Next up, we have mattresses with encapsulation.

Mattresses with encapsulation (sometimes described as encapsulated mattresses) contain reinforced side support, usually provided by blocks of quality foam (some manufacturers use firmer springs around the edge instead). Encapsulation gives the mattress additional edge-to-edge support and strength.

And, last but not least, there’s the hand-stitched mattress!

The hand-side-stitched mattress is the ultimate example of edge-to-edge support. The pocket springs have been stitched by hand, all the way to the edge of the mattress – so the mattress has natural side support and there is no need for encapsulation.

Can we also take this opportunity to let you know that memory foam mattresses have come an awful long way since their original launch in the bed industry – in a good way that is! You would be surprised at how many customers visit us in store and swear outright that they will not buy a memory foam mattress – only to lay on a few, and snap one up.

Remember, we’re the bed experts and we won’t sell you rubbish! Our five star reviews on TrustPilot tell you all you need to know. Visit us online or in store today and try some of the quality options for yourself!