Sleep style, of the rich and the famous!

No matter who we are, or what we do in life, we all have a bedtime routine… but some of our routines are stranger than others!

With darkness hitting us big time at this time of year – and often before we’ve even left work for the commute home – we’ve never wanted to get into our beds sooner. Our team’s favourite wind-downs in autumn include eating something yummy for dinner, turning the lights down low, lighting a fragrant candle (preferably one that smells of summer) and relaxing in some lovely PJs with a peppermint tea…

If you think that sounds princess-y, check out what these famous peeps do before hitting the sack!:

Oprah Winfrey likes a good bath before bedtime – using different bubbles, beads, oils, and salts… She must smell dreamy…

American crooner Mariah Carey prefers her bedroom steamy, with 20 humidifiers around her bed – she thinks it’ll help keep her vocals in tune.

Legendary artist Leonardo da Vinci didn’t want to restrict himself to a solid eight hours at night – instead, he napped every four hours for 20 minutes. Pretty amazing how he ever got any piece of art finished!

Winston Churchill was also a fan of taking daily naps, at 5pm… after a whiskey and soda, of course.

Charles Dickens slept with a compass, believing he had to face north when writing and when sleeping to be at his ‘most creative’! We doubt a compass was the most comfortable item to snuggle up to…

To prepare for the 2012 Olympics, swimmer Michael Phelps slept in a chamber filled with air that mimicked an altitude of between 8,500 to 9,000 feet… crikey.

Jennifer Aniston has quite a ‘to-do list’ including meditation, yoga, shutting down electronics an hour before turning the light off, and sleeping with her phone at least 5 feet away… Don’t call J.A. if you hear a bump in the night!

…and the real Slim Shady, Eminem, doesn’t trust other people’s blackout blinds – so he lines hotel windows with tin foil to keep the light out, before turning on white noise. (We’ve a sneaky suspicion he pays someone to tin-foil his pad for him…)

So there you have it – the weird, and the weirder. In good news, in this day and age you don’t have to be a celeb to own a decent bed.

Best Beds Direct have a huge range of fantastic, top quality beds and mattresses online (and even more in our lovely Thetford showroom), fit for any Queen Bey. So many in fact that you may have trouble narrowing down your options… so, here’s a few of our current favourites – see if any take your fancy:

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