New Year, New You

New year, new you

Here at Best Beds Direct, the turn of the New Year – and the start of the new decade – has got us thinking about whether New Year resolutions are an annual waste of time, or a source for positive change. We’ve decided to focus on improving our overall wellbeing this year, with resolutions “for life” aimed at eating better, moving more, and getting more sleep. If you’ve been wondering what to start, stop or continue this year, here’s some ideas to get you inspired!

  1. Eat better – Are you one of those people who tries to eat well, but ends up ‘cheating’ with unhealthy snacks or takeaway dinners and then gives up on the healthy eating idea entirely? This year, we’re aiming to: add a couple of pieces of fruit to our lunchboxes; add extra veggies to our dinner; get back on track straight after any failure to ‘eat clean’; and allow ourselves a treat here and there so we don't succumb to an unhealthy binge!
  2. Move more – In between serving customers, answering calls and email queries, and fulfilling deliveries, our team doesn't have much time left for weekday gym sessions! So this year, we’re going to start going for brisk walks at lunchtime to get our bodies moving and enjoy the fresh air. Regular brisk walking can help maintain a healthy weight, strengthen bones and muscles, and improve balance, coordination and mood.
  3. Sleep more – We know it’s all too easy to intend on getting an early night, but instead lose valuable sleep-time by spending the first hour answering emails, reading the news, or mindlessly scrolling through social media… But getting enough sleep is important - it can help you get sick less often, better regulate your blood sugar levels, reduce stress, and help you think more clearly. So this year, we’re going to ban phones from our beds at night-time and instead wind down with a good book or some relaxing music...
  4. Take up a new hobby – The benefits of having a hobby include offering a new challenge, physical health benefits, encouraging you to take a break with a purpose, and can benefit your mental health too. Last year, our team took up a range of new hobbies and collectively mastered the art of home baking, strength-building, gardening, and DIY… So, why not try something new this year? Perhaps learn a language, take up a sport, or plan to travel somewhere new each month… You may find a passion for something you’d never previously tried, and even make new friends in the process!
  5. Give your pad a boost – If you’re looking round the home and feeling uninspired, why not freshen it up with some new accessories, a lick of paint, or a thorough spring clean? All of these activities are kind to the pocket and make your home environment more enjoyable to relax in, too. And if it’s been a while since you treated yourself to a new bed, why not work out when you last bought one – chances are, it’s ready for replacing… We lose 285ml of fluid every night and shed 454g of dead skin cells each year! Mattresses absorb dead skin, oil, moisture, and dust mites – and dust mites allergies can lead to a number of symptoms such as watery eyes, itchiness, sneezing and coughing.

If you’re thinking of getting a new bed or mattress, and perhaps are unsure what one might be right for you, why not give our team a call or visit our Thetford showroom. With a quality bed and mattress for every bedroom and budget, you'll be feeling like a whole "new you" in no time this year!