Free bed and mattress delivery, right?

If you go on any web page, most will be offering you free delivery. You browse around, find something you like, add it to your basket and grab your debit card - only to then find an unexpected delivery charge. This is not cool. In recent years, pretty much every business has swapped to offering free delivery or free shipping. In fact, if you find a site not offering this, you’ll probably ask why, and why should you pay when everyone else is giving it to you for free?

Beds, mattresses and other furniture items are the biggest things you have in your home... Unless you have a piano or something! These items are big, heavy and awkward to deliver. They get collected from point A, moved to point B, often to point C, and then magically appear in your house. At present, here at Best Beds Direct, we really do offer free delivery to most of the UK on orders over £149. We need to charge a small contribution to anything being delivered to Scotland. This is purely because it costs us more to send beds to these places. Our charges are not hidden, nor is anything unexpected. 

What I’m getting at is this; be careful when buying online, or investing time surfing on someone’s site. As I mentioned, you might find something at a great price only to find out they want £30 for delivery. What’s worse, is that this may be a doorstep delivery for an entire divan bed! 

All of our divan bed sets are delivered by two men, and taken to your room of choice. We believe this is the least you should expect. All of our mattresses, apart from a few super-king sized mattresses are also delivered to your room of choice inside your home. We use different delivery companies for different products and from different manufacturers. We keep all of the information clear and accurate on our delivery page on our site.

For some items, there is simply no need to offer a two-man service. Again, this is clear on the delivery page of our website. Generally, this is for orders where mattresses are rolled and vacuum packed. These mattresses are designed to move easily through a delivery network and be easily taken upstairs by you. Orders like headboards, and some flat-packed furniture also fit this criteria. 

You may buy a large, heavy, wooden bed frame, but it won’t be delivered assembled. How would you fit it through the door? I read a review on another bed retail site, where the customer's negative review was unjustified; this was because the customer was unhappy that they had paid for an upgraded two-man delivery service for a flat packed bed... Firstly, the customer thought it would be delivered in one piece?! Secondly, they ended up regretting paying for the upgraded service as they could have moved the packages upstairs themselves... Did they really think the bed - clearly advertised as flat-packed - would arrive nicely assembled in the back of the van? Funny. So, what they paid for was a delivery person to take some boxes upstairs. Remember, a flat-packed bed will come in 3 or 4 boxes. This means the weight is spread, allowing the customer to move it easily themselves. 

We would always recommend a two-man, room of choice delivery service on mattresses and divans, to make sure your divan bed or mattress isn’t going to be dumped outside your front door leaving you lumbered! But for anything else, make sure you’re not paying for a delivery service you don’t need. 

If you have any questions about anything delivery-related, or anything else, please get in touch!