Best Beds Direct Welcomes Mlily!

Welcome Mlily, and thank you! Here at Best Beds Direct, we are always exploring and thinking up new ideas to please our ever growing (and happy!) customer base. That is why we have partnered up with global mattress manufacturer, Mlily. Many of you will not have heard of them, and that’s okay. Mlily mattresses have redefined sleep in China, and it is now the largest mattress manufacturer in the world.

The products have literally changed the way people sleep and how we value beds, bedrooms and mattresses. Mlily is available here in the UK, USA, Canada, France, Australia and other places around the world. Mlily has doubled its growth year on year since its inception around 7 years ago. The products and brand represent exceptional value, and are premium products. Mlily has just extended its partnership with Manchester United Football Club, meaning its global partnership will go on for an unprecedented 10 years! This landmark deal has cemented their relationship with a powerhouse football brand and proven Mlily’s efforts to redefine sleep, while working with one of the largest football clubs in the world. Football is a multibillion pound industry after all! If a footballer worth £100 million a year can sleep on one of these mattresses, then surely anyone can, right?

Since Mlily’s original partnership in 2016, it has developed the Sleep Performance Suite at United’s Aon Training Complex. It has also equipped the Man Utd players and coaching staff with its state of the art mattresses. Mlily’s extensive efforts with United’s Recovery & Regeneration Team has led to the implementation of new innovative studies and technologies, with these benefits now being offered to everyone in the UK.

On display at our Showroom at Best Beds Direct, Unit 1 Ashley House, Thetford, Norfolk, IP24 3RD, are four of our most popular mattresses: the Mlily Harmony 1000, Harmony 2000 Ortho, Harmony 3000 and the entry level pocket mattress - the Mlily Gel Pocket 1000. However, we are offering the entire range of mattresses to be ordered through our store. What’s even better is that they can be ordered on a next day delivery basis. Perfect for anyone in a rush or for any occasion. The mattresses are already proving popular with the local community, and we are already receiving phone calls asking us for our opening times so that people do not miss out!

Mlily mattresses mostly comprise of a pocket spring system, made up of a range of springs in different quantities and varying tensions. The unique element of these products is the patented Cloud Memory Foam. This has been engineered for luxurious comfort, and crafted to relieve pressure along every square inch of your body. Its viscoelasticity enhances oxygen and blood circulation, ensuring you get the deep, regenerative sleep you need to uplift your day.

If you feel like your nights are missing something and that your day is suffering as a result, and perhaps you are waking up with aches and pains, get in contact and please visit us in store!

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