How to Find Your Dream Bed

How to find your dream bed

Here at Best Beds Direct, we pride ourselves on providing every single customer with expert sleep advice which is tailored to their needs and provides the best available quality for their budget.

If visiting us in store, at our Thetford showroom, you can expect a warm welcome and non-pushy sales approach. When you’ve had a chance to look around at what’s on offer, we’ll pop over to find out what you’re hunting for and whether there’s anything more specific that we need to take into account to find the bed of your dreams.

So, here’s some tips for when you visit the store in person:

  1. Get ready to try before you buy – You wouldn’t buy a new car without taking it for a test drive, so why would you buy a mattress from a store without trying it first? When we opened our doors we were, quite frankly, stunned at the large number of customers who didn’t want to lie on the mattresses. If you visit us in store, you’ll see the tongue-in-cheek approach we’ve taken to persuading people to get on the mattresses and try them!
  2. Wear suitable clothing – We know it might feel a bit awkward to start lying on beds in front of a stranger, but it really is a good idea to try a few mattresses to get a feel for what you like! So, make sure you’re feeling comfortable when you arrive.
  3. Don’t worry about your shoes – We’ve got feet mats on all of our mattresses, to prevent them from getting dirty. So what are you waiting for? Put your feet up!
  4. Bring a pic or two of the relevant bedroom – A lot of customers invest time in finding the perfect bed and are almost ready to buy, before suddenly worrying that their chosen fabric won’t complement the colours in their bedroom. To prevent this last minute hiccup, bring along a pic or two of your wall colours and carpet. With over 50 fabric colours and types to choose from for every bed, our expert team will be bound to find the perfect one for you!
  5. Bringing kids with you? – Never fear, this family-friendly business has colouring books and pencils to hand. We’re happy to accommodate your kids for an ad-hoc “colouring session” in our showroom office, to give you the space and time you need to find your perfect bed.
  6. Wondering about payment options? – We are able to take payment in various forms and can also arrange payment plans before the arrival of your bed, if that’s helpful. So there’s no need for payday to dictate your purchasing decisions!

And for those customers who are not able to visit us in store, we have made sure to provide a range of contact options for you in case you need some help. You can get in touch by:

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Or you can send instant messages via our online chat facility!

Some things to think about before buying your next bed or mattress are:

  • Who the bed / mattress is for
  • Whether the future owner of the bed / mattress has any specific requirements
  • What your budget is
  • The size of the room
  • Whether you have an existing base which matches the size of your chosen mattress
  • What type of fillings you want
  • Whether it’s important to prevent heat retention
  • Whether you want a storage option

All the above are valid questions, which we often ask customers to help them find what they need.

So, don’t be shy – ask questions and try some options before you buy!

If you’ve any questions about any of our products or the services we offer, please contact our friendly team who will be happy to help.