Divan Bed Sets

Still ever popular and trustworthy! A recent study showed that the divan bed set is still the most popular bed choice for people. This is likely due to its functionality and the ability to customise it’s appearance and usage. The divan comes in all sizes, small single, single, double, king and super king. Double and above is delivered in two pieces, perfect for manoeuvring up the stairs or though tight doorways.

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Best Beds Pearl Guest Bed
Medium Hypoallergenic White Fillings Turnable Made in the U.K. 1 Year Warranty
Best Beds Pearl Guest Bed
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Divan Beds UK

Divan bases are bespoke and always made to order. This means you can choice how many handy drawers you want and where you want them. This may four traditional drawers, continental 2+2 drawers – perfect your winged headboards or bed side table positioning. We can even give you one large drawer in the end of the divan. This is ideal if space at the side of the bed is limited. A bed is probably the largest object in your house, so it makes good sense to make the best use of it by using it as storage too. Divan bases can be upholster in the same colour as the headboard, or perhaps you’d like the headboard a different contrasting colour?

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